*Full school assemblies with critters, music and repeat-after-me chants!
*Intimate classroom or library workshops with critters, songs, poetry and songwriting!
*Environmental songs and activities about our natural local world, our responsibility to it and... the bigger picture!

Booking right now for Fall 2019!
Reasonable program rates:
$500/full school assembly (K-4)
$250/classroom or library workshop (Pre-K - 6)

(contact Linda to get her in your classroom and delight, educate and entertain your students!)


Assemblies/Classroom Workshops
The following programs can be presented for groups of ten to five hundred, indoors or out, amplified or acoustic, toddlers through seniors. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Linda can create an assembly tailored to your needs!

One 45-minute classroom workshop or singalong: $250
     One 45-minute assembly for 4+ classes: $500
(discount for multiple assemblies)

  • And the Green Grass Grows:
    Critters! Forests! A rainstorm! Join Linda in a musical tour of our fine planet – with exuberant participation possibilities and totally singable choruses! K-6

  • Hang On, Hudson!
    How has the Hudson changed since Henry Hudson sailed upriver in 1609? What will the future Hudson River look like? This program gives an overview of Hudson River geology, history, and ecology through stunning visuals, rousing chants, and enthusiastic songs. K-6

  • Wonderful Women of the Valley and Beyond:
    Nancy Rose, Sybil Ludington, Claudette Colvin, Harriet Tubman and a host of additional women are featured in this informative, entertaining program about amazing women of our locale. K-6

  • The Power of Song:
    Songs can teach, inspire and motivate people to action. Audiences will be engaged in a potpourri of tunes which exemplify our diverse populations and convictions. K-6

  • The Leader is YOU! Teaching Tolerance:
    Our differences define and elevate us, and the more we know about each other, the more we’ll be able to embrace those differences. This assembly/workshop demonstrates our differences through song, calls upon the audience to write a group song parody all together, and engages audience members in “on the spot” song-creation using a looper and individual musical offerings. The results are collaborative! K-6

  • Nothing More:
    "We are how we treat each other and nothing more." ~ Alternate Routes

    A 45-minute musical journey through a large expanse of songs that represent tolerance, compassion and identity. Selected songs reflect historical and emotional context from the Civil Rights Movement through gender roles. There are opportunities for on-stage participation through music, spoken word and percussion. The assembly springboards students into vital post-program discussions about their place in the path to tolerance and character building. Study guides are available upon request. Grades 6-8

  • Social Change Through Music:
    Throughout history music has been a catalyst for change, a medium for protest, and a way to deliver a message of hope. Through songs that reflect issues and elements of the times, within the framework of American history, audience members will participate in a 'musical walk through time'. The audience will see that in addition to the continued need for music to reflect the time, conflict over song content has been pervasive for almost 200 years. Grades 6-12

  • Indoor Campfire:
    Linda sings like she means it around actual campfires at Mohonk Mountain House all summer. This year, she has a portable fake fire that she can bring with her to make her indoor singalongs feel just as intimate and unique as her outdoor campfire singalongs! It's a perfect campfire experience when a real campfire isn't possible. See vimeo link for 'fire'.

Songwriting Residency
Grade level or school-wide, writing songs with classes to complement a course of study or particular element can open new pathways to learning. One class period needed with each participating class, followed by an end-of-the-day (or end of multiple days if for an entire school) concert by the participants!

Some past projects:

Earth Day
Local History
School Anniversary
Manners Matter
Bicycle Safety
Climate Change

One day residency (for up to 5 classes): $750

Full school multi-day program: Please contact Linda

Library Programs
From pre-school singalongs featuring songs like, "I Make Funny Noises" and "I Saw a Snake" to any of the school programs (abridged) mentioned above, Linda delivers a unique, intimate music program in the comfortable library setting. And, there's nothing quite like an indoor campfire to set the mood for a perfect singalong!  Prices range from $150-$300 depending on program

After School Programs
Writing songs, learning songs, playing songs and developing performance techniques about real things in kids’ lives can empower them in an after-school setting.
Contact Linda for prices.

House Concerts, Private Parties and Weddings
With over 500 songs in her expansive and eclectic repertoire, Linda can fashion a House Concert at your place and sing like she means it! For weddings, she'll happily learn special songs for you. $350/3 hrs.

Professional Development
“Songwriting for Those Who’ve Never Written a Song”
Learn how to engage musical content for and with your students through a simple replicable songwriting technique. Write songs with your colleagues! You’ll be singing them the entire school year! $300 per workshop

*Linda makes 20 foot long Hudson River jigsaw puzzles out of actual HR Navigation charts. Contact Linda at lindarichardsmusic@gmail.com for more details about these classroom tools and possible accompanying programs.

Online Songwriting
A song can be a wonderful gift – for a birthday or anniversary, for a loved one who’s in the hospital or at an assisted living facility, for that special someone in your life. Write a song online with Linda’s help for any occasion, or have her write one for you! She'll send you lyrics, chords and a recording of her singing the parody. 
$100 per song.



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