Linda Richards has entertained people of the Hudson Valley from school auditoriums to the decks of the sloop Clearwater for over thirty years. A public school classroom teacher for a decade, strolling minstrel, inservice course teacher, Clearwater’s Education and Music Director, Manitou School music and natural science teacher, Camp@The Camp summer camp director, guitar instructor and puzzle maker, Linda is multi-talented and multi-directional. Her Power of Song program for youth musicians grew and delivered message music to thousands of people from 2009 - 2015. She performs regularly at the Great Hudson River Revival and Mohonk Mountain House and is a member of the Vanaver Caravan's “Turn Turn Turn!” project, sharing Pete Seeger’s visions through song and dance.
Linda has taught and performed in a vast array of venues, reaching her audience through her wonderful vocal skills, sense of humor and knowledge of our natural world.
She has a Master's in education and thirty years of teaching experience - making her a one-of-a-kind teaching/entertaining package.


Julia - 1st grade student at Germantown Elementary School in Germantown, NY says
(after an Earth Day assembly as Linda was saying goodbye to the kids at the cafeteria door),
"This was the best part of my life!" 

Dar Williams, Singer Songwriter Author Activist says,
“Linda has that great gift that Pete Seeger had.  She can get a whole room singing and she can get people excited to write and play their own music, too.”

Ariana - 8th grade student at Tamarack High School in Troy, NY says (after a special study hall musical experience),
"It was better than lunch!" 

Rich Richards, 6th Grade Teacher at Mineola Middle School, Mineola, NY says,
You are gifted! Your professionalism, creativity and sense of fun are unparalleled. You gathered the kids' energy and focused and re-focused them with humor, on themes of environment, character and the love of learning and participation.
My whole class occasionally bursts into 'Animals Need Water'... even in the hallways.”

Susan Raab, Teacher at Germantown Elementary School, Germantown, NY says,
“Palatine Heritage Days was once again a huge success due to musician and educator Linda Richards. Linda is a gifted and creative woman who understands how to bring creativity to the surface of a diverse group of school children. She engages them in learning through song by researching the subject at hand and holds the interest of every student. Not only that she is able to "know her audience" by adjusting for a wide range of ages and cultural background. The students love the experience, the teachers love the experience, and the school was a buzz for the rest of the day after her workshops.”

Laura Kang, Head of East Wood School, Oyster Bay, NY says,
Linda Richards de-mystifies the songwriting and performing process and engages students of all ages in an unforgettable experience.  She completely commands students' attention and brings out the best in them.   My children still sing the songs they wrote with her four years ago!”

Elaine Fondiller, Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, NJ says,
"It was heartwarming to see almost everyone in the room- from three year olds to seniors- sing along with Linda Richards. Her passion about the environment, and music as a tool for social change, combined with her lovely voice, made for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative event."

The Town of Esopus Library says,
"Great interactive musical fun-the kids had a blast!"

Lauren Hall, Marist Student says (after a workshop in her English class),
“She told us – through music and words – not only to feel, but also to feel deeply and empower our emotions to act in their behalf.”